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Home Guard Mission Statement

“Dum spiro spero ET vires acqirit eundo.
Spectrmaur agendo set malum consilium quod matari non potest.
Si Vis pacem, para bellum ET ne cede malis, Ubi Concordia”.

“While I breathe I hope, we gather strength as we go. 
Let us be judged by our acts, Bad is the plan that cannot change and if you want Peace, prepare for war.
Yield not the misfortune, there is Victory”.

The Admiral G. Cook.

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A message from the Admiral “Who am I?”

Home Guard Global Official Manifest 2022

If you are interested in our Home Guard Global Manifest please follow this Link: home-guard-global-official-manifest-2022

Where do we come from?

Who are we?

How to get involved

SV BOREAL – Claiming Our Right To Travel

Live Recording s.v Boreal

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We seek financial support for the Charter into her next phase.
This expedition has been funded by individuals to the tune of 700k.
The Mission is firstly to take our collective Story and History and not withstanding jurisdiction to the Globe. 

Native title to engage with Native society about this global and beyond. The courage this takes is no small feat, to proudly take our Colours to the world not only diplomatically also with integrity. Those here in our country facing every increasing pressure to stand up Tino Rangatera and free enterprise should take experience from this Charter moving forward. 

No one ever said Sovereign is easy and no one ever said our colours of jurisdiction is a get out of jail free card.
There is much to be done to uphold the Ture (Lore) 1831-1834 Kororareka 13 Chiefs of Okiato,
For those in its use. Our colours are not Protest flag, remember there is mana and tapu connected to it’s purpose. 
Our colours are never to touch the Ground, never aloft at night without a century Guard or it is to be eliminated and have the reverence it deserves at all times.

Sacred and sanctified it is, give our colours it proper use and you will experience the Change one seeks.

Admiral G.Cook 

High Protector 
Proctor of Admiralty Lore.

Please Donate what you can.

Boreal Website has “Donations” page:

Those major contributors: Please Email intent to: Ref: Boreal Charter 24

John Wanoa talk

Divine Pitch Documents: Kororareka 2022

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